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New Moon Ritual - June 2017

New Moon Ritual

New Moon Energy

New moon.

New possibilities.

New projects.

The perfect occasion to ask for guidance for the manifestation of your true desires, both short and long term.

New Moon Ritual

Allow yourself one hour of stillness when the evening sets in. Go outside to watch the sky and connect with the new moon energy for at least a few moments. Then, find yourself the perfect spot to sit, relax and tune in.

Start with a simple 5-minute breathing exercise: tune into your rhythm - breathe in - breathe out. Notice the sounds around you and let it be. Notice what goes on in your body and let it be. Notice the sound of your heartbeat and let it be. Notice the beauty of stillness, even if you have music playing.

New moon invocation

Take a pen and complete your



Set your goal and intention

What are your desires, dreams hopes for the next few weeks?

I want… I wish… I hope…

Once you completed this exercise:

  • Let it sink in and feel what it does with you.

  • Sit back and relax.

  • Give the universe the time to prepare synchronistic events and support for you.

  • Follow the signs showing you the right next steps.

  • Enjoy the journey.

Thank yourself for having taken this time.

Thank your spiritual helpers.

Namasté. 🙏

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