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Intuitive Readings

Tarot cards
When is an Intuitive Reading session useful?

An intuitive reading can be helpful when:

  • needing to make decisions in case more options are available

  • feeling that history is repeating itself and you want to understand why

  • starting a new phase or project in your life and you want to know what challenges lay ahead and how to deal with them using your strengths

  • wanting to gain a deeper understanding of yourself: how your past influences your present and how that will take you further into the future

What is it?

The only person to decide what’s going to happen next, is you. We are however, set on a path in this life. We are often challenged by the many possibilities that lay ahead of us and feel trapped by limiting believes as a result from our past. Although, all the answers we need are there, the information often stays a bit blurry and we remain uncertain about how to proceed best.

Intuitive readings, help you in access that information. It shows you possibilities. It helps you see options more clearly. It provides you with insights and extra information you are not able to see, hear or feel just yet.

Applied Instruments and Methodologies

For Intuitive Readings different instruments and methodologies are available:

  • systemic constellations with symbols or cards representing a situation

  • pictures in different themes that help you recognise patterns and desires 

  • tarot decks

Important to read

Although intuitive readings are often linked with fortune telling, this is not what this is about. We all remain responsible for the actions we take and the decisions we make.


You shape your own future. Intuitive readings are there as an instrument to help you see, hear and feel more clearly. It takes uncertainties away and mostly confirm what you, often unconsciously, already know.

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