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Intuitive Coaching

Picture of a person performing an Engergy Balance Session
What is it?

Intuitive coaching is about transforming limiting beliefs, changing old stories into empowering ones,  and tapping into the akashic records to uncover all you need to know. 

We let go of what no longer serves you, recreate new neuro-linguistic pathways and enabling beliefs that will propel you forward with renewed energy.  

When is Intuitive Coaching useful?

On Personal Level, intuitive coaching is useful when you:

  • feel tired even after a good night of sleep

  • experience depression

  • have trouble sleeping

  • deal with health issues

  • feel stressed, nervous or anxious

  • respond to situations differently as you would like to

  • feel you are not 'on track' but can't exactly explain why  

  • just want to feel good and energised 

  • find yourself in the same situations over and over again 

  • resonate with this topic  and  want to experience what this is about  

On Corporate Team Level, intuitive coaching is useful when: 

  • something is not working, but you can't rationally explain why

  • new team members are not bringing the hoped solution for ongoing/recurring issues  

  • the energy in your office feels off and strange things happen 

How does it work 

Depending on what you want to work on, we access the library of akashic records, and tap into the knowledge of past, present or emerging. 

Systemic constellations, messages from loved ones that have crossed the rainbow, divine wisdom from the spirit world, learnings from past lives,... All is available to us, and I'll be your conduit to finetune any messages that are important and relevant for your journey of growth.

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