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Book one of the sessions below 

Online or in person, whatever is easiest for you. 


Healing takes so many shapes and forms, and it happen on so many different levels: the physical, the emotional, the spiritual.  

Do you know where you are today? 

Do you know where and who you want to be tomorrow? 

Are you needing a strategy, a how to guide, that gets you there?  

Than keep on reading, because this is for you.

Together with so many others in the world, I have a been blessed with a challenging childhood that helped me uncover ways to overcome, let go and forgive. I have been blessed with receiving help and guidance, and now is my time to share back a thousand fold. 


I have also been blessed with the ability of helping others see and hear what they cannot, heal energy fields that are getting in your way to move forward, talk to loved ones that have crossed the bridge, go back to past lifes to uncover karmic energies holding you back to live an extra-ordinary life, and tap into akashic wisdom to find answers to challenges  you experience today. 

You can choose to self-serve through the free material offered in articles, exercises and guided mindfulness session. 

You can opt for a one on one healing session, an intuitive conversation, a tarot reading or a mix of all three, and do this together!


Or you can register for a tribe event, where like minded people join and learn, grow and overcome together, always using the Divine Energy within and around us, to guide us to where we need to be. 

Commit to living your life to the fullest every day, and allow me to play a part in unleashing the Power within to help you thrive. 

Namaste my friend. 

How it works 

Book a session that is right for you. We can meet virtually or in person. I am located in beautiful Nudgee, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Before any session, be clear on your ask and intent. When you begin with the end in mind, we'll get faster to where you want to be. 


Be sure you can spend the time undisturbed, to get most out of it. 

Believe this is right for you, and follow your gut.

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