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The Bench Blog's Purpose

The Bench Blog holds an invitation to let the question and topic at hand sink in, slowly, but surely. Take a few moments. Explore the questions. Discover the answers. What do you feel? What do you think, see, hear? What are your next steps?

The picture represents bums (reverse heart shapes) sitting on a bench surrounded by an autumn tree at sunset: the idea is to take a moment to sit down and think about the topic in a mindful, unconditionally loving way. In autumn, the tree lets go of her leaves, preparing for the next seasons. As humans, we need to create autumn moments, allowing ourselves let go of old patterns and habits, to create new positive and helping beliefs. Sunset is that time of the day where magic happens: you slow down, you let go of the day and prepare for the night. You shift to another rhythm, another mode: transforming effortless.

The Bench represents the letter “H”: the How question.

The reverse Heart shapes represent the letter “W’”: What, When, Who questions that allow you to explore, with love. We avoid Why because we don’t want anyone to defend choices they make. We do what we do, to the best of our abilities, with positive intention, always.

Tip: use the bench metaphor as a reminder to explore different points of view, and, other’s positive intentions. Ask the Bum Bench Questions & Allow others the time to process their responses.


  • How was this experience for you?

  • How does this work for you?

  • What do you think the problem is?

  • What is your concern?

  • When was the last time you felt happy?

  • When is the last time this worked for you?

  • Who says you need this?

  • Who could help you?

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