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What Is Your Right Next Step?

Bench Question #02: What Is Your Right Next Step?

Today is the longest night for some, the longest day for others. It is that turning point of the year that offers a moment of reflection: how will you spend it? Could you make it a turning point for yourself?

Seasons teach us something important: there is a time to bloom and a time to rest. A time to celebrate in abundance and a time to prepare for your next steps. What is your right next step?

Life is not defined by just one moment, but covers all the moments together. You are not defined by just one action, but by everything you do, say, think and feel. All matters: your actions, your words, your choices, your desires.

Allow yourself to take one step at a time and rest assure, that once your purpose is clear, everything will guide you there.

Bench Moment #02

Find yourself a few minutes today and think about your purpose and how to manifest purpose in all its facets: parent, friend, professional, neighbour, colleague, child, etc.

Tune in and make it clear in your head, body, spirit. It has to feel right. Your mind has no boundaries. Everything is possible. Connect with your true self and true desires.

Then ask yourself: what is my next right step. No effort. Let it come to you.

Allow yourself the 🎁 of stillness an a daily basis, so you can continue taking the right next steps to the manifestation of your true desires.

I wish you in sync with the universe and remember to take yourself not too seriously: if you are lucky enough to have a partner and you feel the right next step has to be manifested in the bedroom, then tonight offers the perfect occasion: 👠 or 👣 - all is good - 😍.

Namaste 🙏

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