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How Are You?

Bench Question #01: How Are You

It is a simple question that (Ozzies in particular 😊) often ask. The question holds 2 invitations: one to answer & one to listen. And honestly… How often do we allow ourselves to do either one of them?

Are you gratefully accepting the good parts life offers?

Are you gracefully dealing with the obstacles?


Picture yourself in an ideal situation on how you want to be and define next steps to get there:

  • Physically

  • Mentally

  • Professionally

  • Emotionally

  • Spiritually

  • Financially

  • Relationally

The more specific you set your mind on a desired outcome, the easier it is for the universe to help you get there. Although… it is important to let go of the result. Everything will come to you when you are ready. Allow the obstacles to be what they are: an opportunity to learn and rise above that. Make time to sit still and listen.

I wish you in sync with the universe and remember to take yourself not too seriously: 🐨 How Ya Goin - Ozzy Style 🐨

Namasté. 🙏

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