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What Do You Think?

Bench Question #06: What Do You Think?

We often ask our colleagues, friends and family what they think.

The next question is: why do you want to know?

Depending on your personality preference, the reasons vary.

Are you relationship focussed?

If you are, you want to make sure that you take everybody's opinions and desires into account before making any final decisions. Everything for everybody's happiness and well-being!

Are you task focussed?

If you are, you want to make sure you get the job done perfectly and immediately actionable. Everything for doing the right thing, right now. Nothing more. Nothing less.

How does this work in team?

Well... size matters! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Studies show that when a team or meeting exceeds 8 attendees, the answers are usually more 'statements of presence' than actual answers to improve the outcome of the topic at hand. People think and/or feel they need to say something due to the fear of being perceived as someone without opinion.

Truth is: some people need some time to think things through and honestly: of those that have nothing to say, those who remain silent are the most efficient ones. For those that speak up right away: remember that these extraverts tend to think out loud when answering a question. That is way it usually takes a while to hear them out. Easy to understand why they come to a certain conclusion though!

Remember that meeting where you asked for your opinion?

Whom did you agree with, who came up with the weird points of view? If you agreed instantly (truly, madly, deeply - not just because he/she is the boss) - it could it be that this is a person that is 'more like you'? You tend to understand and approve 'same' faster. We all love 'the way of least effort'.

Opposites attract though! And that is because unconsciously we know that in order to survive, we need to combine different qualities! So next time you judge: ask yourself why you perceive the situation as it is (why is the answer good or bad). Experience how your (dis)agreement often reflects how you perceive the world. Take the time to investigate how different angels Broaden your map of the world! Expand Horizons! Help you see the bigger picture!

Are you introvert?

If you are, you need some time to answer a question. Ask for that time and make it clear when you will come back later, after your research and thinking process is completed.

Are you an extravert?

If you are, remember to hear other people out before forming your own opinion on the matter. Make sure that what you say is adding value to the team and final decision. Start talking with the end in mind. It is not (always) about you, it is about the final result.

You don't like what you see - hear - feel?

What does this say about you, your values, your experiences, your expectations, your map of the world?

Do you want change to come your way ?

Start changing your ways.

🙏 Namasté 🙏

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