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What Has Been Your Random Act Of Kindness Today?

Bench Question #04: What Has Been Your Random Act Of Kindness Today?

What has been your random act of kindness today?

We recently started a family gratitude journal and it is beautiful to see how our kids are slowly starting to appreciate the little things in life that make a difference.

In order to create a life of abundance, we have to maintain the flow of giving and receiving. We have to give love in order to receive, we have to understand before being understood, we have to go with the flow instead of over analysing too much.

If you feel like giving someone a compliment, even a complete stranger, rest assure that their smile is so rewarding and you never know how you impact their lives for the better. They might feel confident enough to take that right next step that they might not have taken otherwise.

Love yourself. This is a beautiful act of kindness as well. Allow your body, mind and spirit to feel the love so you can shine beautifully for those around you that can use a bit of light. You might inspire them in ways you can't imagine.

Don't hold on to fear. Don't hold on to what no longer serves you. A healthy flow means you have to believe that, once your intention is clear, the universe will take care of it. It might ask a bit of patience, but enjoy the time to prepare in the mean time. You never know when the right opportunity presents itself.

Show acts of kindness every day to make a difference. Do it selflessly. And accept the gifts of others: their compliments, their time, their listening ear, their hug, their smile, their gentle touch, their jokes, their laughter, their joy, their happiness... There is enough for everyone. Be open to receive and let it go by passing it on to others.

🙏 Namasté 🙏

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