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New Moon Ritual - July 2017


New Moon Energy

New Moon.

New Possibilities.

New Projects.

The perfect occasion to ask for blessings and guidance towards your new endeavours.

New Moon Ritual

Allow yourself some time for stillness when the evening sets in. Go outside to watch the sky and connect with the new moon energy for at least a few moments. Then, find yourself the perfect spot to sit, relax and tune in.

Remind yourself why you are doing this ritual tonight. Have a clear sense of purpose and let it be. There is no good or bad.

Sit comfortably - relax - enjoy the journey.

New moon invocation

New Moon Night

Shadowed Light

Give Me Sight Within

As I Sow

So It Shall Grow

Let What I Seed Begin

If you have a tarot deck, pull a card asking for guidance for your new endeavour. You could ask:

"Divine Spirits Of Abundance, assist me in manifesting my purpose.

Show me what I need to learn. Thank you."

Always thank your guides and spirits for their help. The work hard to pull everything together for us - even if we are not aware.

For this occasion - and for those that don't have cards at home - I pulled this beautiful card below, to set the energy for the ritual. It could not have been more applicable!


What are your favourite things to do? Is it good for you and others? Are you willing give something up (watching tv, shopping, etc.) in order to create time to learn something New?

Are you sick and tired of being tired? Anxious? Angry?

Are you willing to apply what you already know will help?

You are the creator of your life and have the response-ability to make your own choices.

Plan to make at least one change in the next 48 hours in some area of your life.

It could be something small like starting a new morning ritual or buying a journal of gratitude to write down your blessings every day.

Then, plan to continue change every day, even if it takes a few minutes. Work towards your desired transformation and make it happen. When you feel resistance, you're half way there. Remind yourself: am I teachable? Can I learn from everyone and everything and apply it for the better? Be the change you want to be!

Namaste. 🙏

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