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When Was Your Last Me-Treat?

Bench Question #03: When Was Your Last Me-Treat?

In need for some me-time?

Away from the deadlines, the daily chores, the friend requests, the buzzzzzz all around you?

Well – let’s do it: Call for a time-out - go for a me-treat – create some headspace – recharge those physical, mental and spiritual batteries!

Bench Moment #03

Take a pen and a piece of paper – or your diary if you have one.

Make yourself a nice cuppa Golden Latte & enjoy a small piece of yummy Raw Turmeric Chocolate (order 🍫 here 🍵 online).

Turn on some music allowing you to go for a personal journey me-treat (Chocolat Radio is one of my favorites, available in Apple Music).

What are your top 5 favorite things to do? Things that give you joy, happiness, energy. Something that is good (without harming others).

Visualise yourself doing this: what do you see, hear, think and feel?

What does it bring you?

What does it bring others?

What would you need to do make this happen?

Can you create me-treat moments for your top five favorites:

  • how much time are you willing to create ?

  • when will you do it ?

  • what would you need ?

Enjoy your me-treats!!

Namaste! 🙏

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