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Full Moon Ritual - July 2017

Full moon

The perfect time to celebrate your accomplishments and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Full moon invocation

I am moving forward towards the manifestation of my soul purpose.

I am releasing everything that no longer serves me.

I am embracing my ever-evolving journey.

Full moon ritual

Allow yourself half an hour of me-time when the evening sets in. Go outside and connect with the full moon energy.

Pick your favourite feel good song or create a full moon / feel good playlist (here is one I prepared for you in iTunes/AppleMusic: click here) - turn on the volume - 💃 dance 💃 like no one else is watching. Follow your rhythm. Follow your intuition. Allow your goddess energy to take the lead. Breathe in the good prana and life energy. Celebrate the goodness. Breathe out what no longer serves you. Let it go.

When the stillness sets in: just breathe and tune it with your body and the full moon energy.

What did your movements tell you?

What was easy or abundant and what part of your life is equally good? Celebrate these parts of your life that show abundance: time spend in the kitchen enjoying the preparations of a good meal, a clean house, great projects at work, love for your partner, cuddles with the kids, time to make that fantastic journey, etc. 🙏 Be grateful for what is already there. 🙏

What was uncomfortable or hard and how can you relate this to your daily life? What is it you have to let go in order for you to make it easier to take your next step.

Fear? - Guilt? - Anger? - Sadness? - ...?

😞 😔 😟 😠 😧

Let it go and replace it with

love, hope and faith

❤️ 🤞 🙏

there is enough for everyone

all is there

you are entitled to your share

Enjoy the full moon !

Namasté 🙏



Remember to sign up for our

Full Moon Circle

July 23rd * 8pm-9.30pm * Brighton East

We'll be designing our Wheel of Life Mood Board

helping you fulfil your life/soul purpose!!

More info and bookings:


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