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Picture of Queenie Dirkx at Queenscliff
Meet Queenie

I love spirituality, in its many shapes and forms, and love it even more when we can integrate the practicalities of it in our daily lives, routines and dreams. 

That is why I am committed to use everything within my power, to enable growth and healing for and with as many people as possible, through self-serve models, one-on-one healing interventions, and growth programs that suit the needs of where you are today.

Everyone can live the life they dream of, and I am there to get you out of your own way. 

At a very young age, I learned that in order to grow and become a better version of yourself, you have to continuously inspect where you are today, adapt your pathways to achieve where you want to be next, and seek the help you need to succeed. 

So many great teachers have crossed my path in different shape and forms: friends and family, teachers and colleagues, authors and public figures, meditations & Divine Guidance. It is now my time to share, give back, and play my part. I am excited and honored to already be on the journey with you.  

"Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions."

- Tony Robbins

Picture of Beauchamp Falls
Stapled rocks at Carisbrook Creek
Growth Recipes

Self serve at your leisure

Like a recipe book, you can choose your own adventure. Blog posts, recorded life streams, exercises and reflections, etc. all intended to enable your path of growth.   👣 

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Healing & Intuitive Coaching

I'm here for you

You can book in a healing, or an intuitive coaching session. Together, we access universal consciousness and use Divine intervention to heal and find answers.    

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Events & Ceremonies

Meet the tribe

A myriad of free and paid events will be available to enable your growth. Mindfulness sessions, moon ceremonies, growth workshops. Looking forward to welcoming you into the tribe of the like minded. 

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