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About Queenie

Picture of Queenie Dirkx at Bells Beach
My Story


Being a woman, a wife, a mother of two boys, a friend, a professional – I know what it's like to juggle all balls in the air. And I too, experience the occasional falls. But success is not in never failing, but in getting up every time we fall, right? 

With a continuous desire to grow and stretch myself, I lived in different countries, I graduated with a master in business administration and one in Human Resource Management, I travelled down the shamanic path and learned to heal by first experiencing the pain myself.

I believe life is about finding and staying connected with your roots and bending with the wind when the storm sets in. It is about choices, not chances.  It's about setting goals and enjoying the ride to get there. It’s about doing things we love, with kindness for all around us. It is unconditionally loving and serving others.

I’m attracted to both corporate and private life! As a spiritpreneur, a change enabler, a team coach, a healer, I want to enable others to continuously grow and live their best life!  

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