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Products & Tools

Insights Discovery 

Insights Discovery is an instrument that aims to get a better understanding of self and building bridges towards others.  

After completing an online questionnaire, you will receive your personal profile during an engaging and interactive workshops on: 

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Team Effectiveness 

  • Leadership Effectiveness 

  • Authentic Leadership Endeavour (if you are slightly more daring) 

For more information on Insights click here.

Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni 

Patrick Lencioni's "Five Dysfunctions of a Team" is a New York Times Bestseller and must read. His work has changed the lives of many, bringing peace and understanding to the workplace in a result oriented approach. 

The workshops are designed to address issues and concerns in an engaging, gentle yet powerful way. 

Manifesting your competitive advantage, requires work on: 

  • Building Trust

  • Mastering Conflict 

  • Achieving Commitment

  • Embracing Accountability

  • Focussing on Result  

We all have within us, the power to make a positive difference and change the world. Let's get started today.  

Talent Booster ​

TalentBooster is an Online Performance Management tool for:

  • defining Career Development Paths in line with personal, team and organisation goals

  • evaluating Mid Year and/or Year End Progress

  • evaluating team and organisation performance at Year End

It helps leadership to 

  • Lead, Coach and Manage team members in shaping and boosting their career paths 

  • Keeping track of the status on personal, team and organisations goals  

  • Validate team and organisation training plans

  • Evaluate individual and team performance levels as part of the organisational performance

Proces - People - Technology Map 

The PPT-map is a tool that supports your continuous improvement process, with an instant view on 

  • process flow 

  • supporting tools

  • roles and responsibilities


The tool invites your team members to discuss the right next steps as it comes down to achieving greater results.


It also proofs to be a very handy tool to guide newcomers through your company processes, tools and teams.

Employee & Manager Desk 

An employee desk is a one-stop-shop employee info desk. It saves employees HR and leadership a lot of time:

  • avoiding answering the same questions again and again 

  • correcting the misinterpretations    

Topics can cover a range of topics regarding 

  • company information 

  • car policy 

  • career development paths 

  • learning opportunities 

  • parenthood

  • etc.


A manager desk provides need-to-knows in support of their role role as leader, coach and manager. 

Organisation Scan  

And organisation scan allows SME's* to evaluate how well you do regarding

  • Leadership

  • Strategic Course

  • Process Management 

  • HRM Policies and Support

  • Sustainability 

  • Organisation Culture


A scan covers:

  • Analysis of available policies, tools and documents

  • Leadership alignment interviews

  • Workshop(s) with a representative group of managers

  • Workshop(s) with a representative group of employees 

  • Online anonymous employee engagement survey 

* SME's with teams between 5 to 250 employees benefit from this scan. 

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