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Moon Stages

New Moon Eclipse in Aries

Goal setting workshop

20 April 2023 • 8-10pm AEST

Online via Zoom from Queensland, Australia

In this transformative goal setting workshop,
we will explore

Image by nousnou iwasaki

What's on the agenda?

  • Kick-off with a new-moon-cantation and a loving breathing exercise 

  • Tune in to the present moment and with each other, because it takes a village, and connecting to our tribe is fun and important 

  • Guided meditation to re-connect to our purpose and stay true to our why 

  • Rapid goal generator exercise that shows your pathway of success that is meaningful for you

  • Transformative ritual that enables you to shine your light whenever darkness arises

  • A very practical plan to manifest your dreams and goals, into doable actions that will keep you going strong, every day

  • One optional extra hour to share experiences with each other and ask questions

Why the time is now?

The online format has so many great advantages.

  • Whilst joining online, it will be great way to connect with many like minded souls 

  • You can participate from the comfort of your home or go to a place where the moon is clearly visible 

  • You can join alone or with a dear friend or family member 

  • There will be time for Q&A thorough to the session and leave comments along the way 

  • You can even pause or watch recording at a later time of suits you better, and still get all your questions answered (though perhaps with a delayed response :-) 

How do you get most of the workshop before we start?

  • Plan some time to take a bath with epsom salts 

  • Choose some really nice fabulously comfortable divine clean clothes, even apply some make up if you’re up for it, because you have date with your most fabulous self tonight 

  • Clean the room (and the house if you have the time) and perhaps, if it is your thing, use some sage for extra cleansing 

  • Chose a nice candle to light the room where you will be dialling in from for when we start 

  • Ensure you have some space to dance and move, some space to sit and contemplate, and some space to write 

  • Chose your favourite pens, pencils and markers that you may, or may not use 

  • And while we’re at it, some fresh clean bedding before we dive into the night is one of those joys that is often underrated, yet brings that extra joy to extend the wonderful healing effects after our ceremony 

  • Brings a water bottle & keep in mind there will be no scheduled breaks during the workshop 


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