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Agile Business Coaching

Picture of a person performing an Engergy Balance Session
What is Agile Business Coaching?

Agile Business Coaching is about: 

  • improving process and service design for faster lead-times, better results and higher employee engagement 

  • empowering a mindset of continuous improvement 

  • introducing metrics and workable framework that drives high-performing and self-organising teams

  • creating an inspiring culture where leadership, teams and individuals thrive  

We will always look at: Process - People - Technology and how it all interacts. 

It is about discussing and defining next steps to  

  • work smarter (not harder)

  • build more trust  

  • achieve greater commitment 

  • embrace improved accountability 

  • manifest better results    

ROI of Agile Business Coaching? 

There is difference between costs and loss of income

Return on Investment can be calculated by:  ​

  • increased real time delivery (reducing lead time, improving cash flow generation significantly) 

  • clear established goals, roles and responsibilities to get the job done delightfully  (avoiding customer complaints and reducing cost of absence due to illness)

  • having back-ups assigned for every task and responsibility (preventing disaster scenarios of bad customers service or poor product design)

  • teams and individuals take effortless action and ownership towards continuous improvement (improving your place in the market and outgrowing the competition)

How is it done? 


We begin with the end in mind 

  • Organisation Scan

  • Leadership Interviews

  • Management workshop

  • Employee workshop

  • Online employee engagement survey


Where business goals and process/people/technology flows align 

  • Ready sprint plan design 

  • Epics and stories developed

  • Metrics framework agreed upon 

  • Leadership alignment workshop  

  • Team and Personal effectiveness training

  • Team coaching 


When you shine in the market because you outgrew the competition  

  • Weekly product/service progress review

  • Daily scrums and bi-weekly retrospectives (incl. velocity and burn-down chart discussion)  

  • Product/Service (improvements) delivered 

  • High-performing and self-organised teams up and running 

  • Milestone celebration 

What are the options ? 

Free Consultation 

During an 1 hour video conference we discuss your biggest challenges with tips to set you started in the right direction. 

Explore & Define  

We organise ​all the 'define' workshops and meetings revealing the 'as is-sitution' and a possible 'to be-roadmap' for process / people / technology improvement. 

Discover & Design 

We organise all the 'design' workshops and meetings to ensure alignment on the right next steps leading to outstanding performance, including change management plan.  

Conquer & Deploy 

We organise all the 'deploy' workshops and meetings to deliver all 'to be' promises as defined in the design plan (=ready sprint plan) and further fine tined during the reviews and retrospectives. 

Without the drops,

we would not be an ocean​.

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