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Transformational Endeavors

Picture of a person performing an Engergy Balance Session
No endeavour that is worthwhile is simple in prospect; if it is right, it will be simple in retrospect. 
What is this about?

Transformational Endeavors are workshops for those that are ready for transformation and are willing to work for it! 

Combining mainstream tools while exploring the horizons, expanding personal boundaries and broaden your maps of the world. Allow your intuition to voice, visualise and define the right next steps, act upon it and make it happen.  

As human beings we have the respons-ability to choose how we act and feel. Even if we are stuck, there is always a way out.

Applied Methodology

The content and approach of the workshops and endeavours, will always be in line with  the goal, theme and intentions related to the event. 

We will always combine tangible and intuitive techniques to get the best results. 

Important to read

To create a safe and harmonious environment, we trust each other and promise to take care of one another.


We respect, cherish and nourish what we discuss and share amongst each other. We do not discuss the content or course of these evenings with people that were not there and we always talk to, instead of about, each other. 

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