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Picture of a person performing an Engergy Balance Session
When is an Energy Balance Session for Kids useful?

An energy balance session if your child experiences:

  • trouble falling asleep (energy overdose instead of the opposite)

  • trouble sleeping through the night

  • bedwetting 

  • anxiety issues (separation or other)

  • hyperactive behaviour

  • short spam of attention / adhd (symptoms) 

  • over sensitive 

  • unusual tantrums 

  • stressed

  • insecure

  • low immunity system (often sick)

Important to read

You should notice a difference straight away. Although sometimes it might take up to three days. On rare occasions the situation gets worse for one or two days first, but never more than three.

What is it?

An energy balance session is about creating a healthy energy flow


After an intake with the parent and child at the practice, we decide the best way forward. Because children are curious and energetic by nature, it is not always easy for them to lay still for a long time. 

Therefor we developed a technique that offers both on site (at our practice) or remote sessions (while they are asleep and safe in their beds). The feedback will be provided to the parent or caretaker both before and after the session. 

​A session offers your child's ‘system’ to get ‘rebooted’, allowing their energy flow strong and healthy again.

How it works 

We'll ask you to​​

  • book an intake session for you and hour child together to discuss the as-is and the desired situation 

  • the session will be performed at the practice, but in rare occasions, they could be done remotely as well (this is to be discussed on site) 

During a session, rods and pendula will be used to determine what needs physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing. Feedback will be given to the parent or caretaker after the session. This is a child friendly environment with toys available to play with.  

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